Watch: CNN compares traditional Maori greeting to Chippendales and horny emus

How long does it take for the most trusted news source to turn a boring non-story into a racist, xenophobic nightmare?

About 13 seconds it turns out, and that’s only because CNN news correspondent Jeanne Moos takes her time narrating the intro.

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The only thing surprising about this is that it wasn’t split-screened with the fucking plane.

Did British media flip out about this as well? Or was this only how it was reported in the US?
Trying to imagine how much CNN would flip out if officials were to dress the part too - like this past weekend here in Vancouver when BC premier and Justin Trudeau among other leaders were seen wearing indian headscarves and clothing when they came out to do outreach with people celebrating Vaisakhi Day at the local parades.



Magical Blue Crystals Cover an Entire Room by  Roger Hiorns

Seizure is a large-scale installation by British artist Roger Hiorns in which he used unexpected materials to transform an everyday room into a giant piece of art. To create the site-specific installation, Hiorns covered the surface of the interior with plastic sheeting. He then poured more than 20,000 gallons of boiling copper sulphate solution into the abandoned space and let the liquid cool for three weeks. As the liquid cooled, these strange blue crystalline growths began to form, covering the walls, the floors, and the ceiling. The remaining liquid was drained and sent out for special chemical recycling.             

So fucking crazy.

Merlin’s cave!


The Great Sea Urchin Crisis

Sea urchins from the bed of the Atlantic Ocean are served in Japan on another bed, one of rice. The roe inside their spiky scalps is a delicacy, which meets the tongue with a sweet tang and wiggles down the throat like milky tofu. But the Atlantic’s sea urchins are disappearing. And a formerly $2.5 million-per-year Nova Scotian industry is disappearing with them. 

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Through the Wormhole S05E01 Excerpt: Elephants in the Mirror - Theory of Mind (by HDCOLORS)

wtf is this TV show? “science” my ass.
How did they jump from the interesting topic of cognitive capacity for self-awareness in elephants to talk about aliens, god and spirituality?